NantMobile, a member of the NantWorks ecosystem of companies, is committed to bringing consumer solutions to the health and wellness marketplace, empowering consumer and patients to take a more active role in the management of their day-to-day health, wellness, disease management and lifestyle decisions.

NantMobile is developing an integrated series of mobile solutions utilizing the technology assets from the NantWorks ecosystem of companies in health, genomics and proteomics along with our patented augmented intelligence object and voice recognition technologies.

Designed for healthy living, Calio by iD is the only food, nutrition and activity tracker that uses intuitive voice technology to seamlessly integrate health management and weight loss into your busy life. Speak, type or scan a bar code to search our database of over half a million foods and 300+ exercises to quickly log your food and activity and get on with your day. If you’re ready to take control of your health and give yourself the life you deserve, Calio is your new pocket companion.

How it works:

Tell us about your goals, begin logging your food and exercise daily, see your progress, and get recommendations matched to your lifestyle and needs. You’re busy, and you need a simple, fast way to maintain a healthy lifestyle and weight. Build healthy habits, manage your weight and live a healthy lifestyle with the FREE Calio app.

Calio: The fastest, easiest to use calorie counter app

Cancer Connect by iD is the leading digital companion for understanding your diagnosis and personalizing your cancer care. Currently supporting breast, colon and pancreatic Cancer types. Get empowered via certified and user-friendly information that provides you with the most updated information about evidence based treatment options specific to your diagnosis. In addition, be the first to learn about clinical trial opportunities based on your diagnosis and location.

How it works:

Learn about your condition by browsing through consolidated, personalized and certified resources. Easily take notes on key questions and be able to ask the right questions at appointments and communicate more effectively with your oncologists. Cancer Connect by iD continuously personalizes to your condition and provide you with the best treatment options for you.